David Gaddy

I am a Ph.D. student in the Natural Language Processing Group at UC Berkeley, advised by Dan Klein. I am interested in a large range of topics, including unsupervised learning, language grounding, parsing, and silent speech.

Email: dgaddy@berkeley.edu


Digital Voicing of Silent Speech
David Gaddy and Dan Klein
EMNLP 2020. [code] [data]

Pre-Learning Environment Representations for Data-Efficient Neural Instruction Following
David Gaddy and Dan Klein
ACL 2019. [code] [slides] [blog]

What’s Going On in Neural Constituency Parsers? An Analysis
David Gaddy, Mitchell Stern, and Dan Klein
NAACL 2018. [code] [poster]

Ten Pairs to Tag - Multilingual POS Tagging via Coarse Mapping between Embeddings
Yuan Zhang, David Gaddy, Regina Barzilay, and Tommi Jaakkola
NAACL 2016. [code]